ASSIP Young Researchers for students ages 13-15

Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship for Young Researchers-
led by participating Mason ASSIP mentors

What: ASSIP-YR is a mentor-differentiated, non-wet lab research experience for academically advanced younger students. Students will be admitted by application and mentor interview.

Who: Students who between 13-15 years old by June 17th, 2019. Students will be admitted by application and mentor interview.

When: Starts no sooner than June 17-ends no later August 9, 2019, on days and dates agreed upon between mentor and student.

Where: Mentors on Manassas SciTech, Woodbridge Potomac Science Center and Fairfax Mason campuses

Fee: $2000 (includes all costs and poster at optional ASSIP final networking and celebration session if participating)

Applications Now Open until 11:59 pm Sunday, April 7th, 2019-click here to apply! Don't register (pay) until we notify you that you have been matched with a mentor.