Hands-On Introduction to Data Science Using R

Hands-On Introduction to Data Science Using R-Led by Dr. Jason KinserAjay Kulkarni and Billy Lamberti

What: This course explores the fundamentals of data science with hands-on applications. Students delve into the skills required of college courses and job applications. Activities are structured to understanding data structures, visualization techniques, data mining, and communication of the results. A majority of the course will be dedicated to applying learned skills through various activities.

Who: Students who have completed high school algebra II and high school trigonometry. No coding experience is required; this is an introductory course.

When: June 17-28, Mondays-Fridays, 10am-3pm (lunch break included, lunch is not provided)

Where: Mason Fairfax Campus, Research Hall 249

Fee: $1500 (includes all materials, computer lab provided).

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